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Why Would You Pay For A Competitor’s Marketing?

Just recently I had a conversation with a business owner who was struggling to understand how he had lost some of his “long time” customers to his competition.  He ultimately found out why and you’d be surprised how it happened. Here’s the story…

About a year ago our business owner had purchased a brand new telephone system, one with lots of bells and whistles designed to improve customer service. However, shortly after the new system was installed he realized that callers on hold were listening to silence; some even thought they had been disconnected.

His solution was to simply connect a radio to his phone system and let that entertain his callers while they waited. It seemed like a good idea, right? Well it wasn’t and here’s why…

The new phone system did a great job of routing the calls to the correct department and even “searched” for available employees to handle the calls. Unfortunately, something the owner hadn’t thought about was that during HOLD TIME his callers would hear radio commercials, and as his luck would have it, one of his local competitors was running a special that month and of course all the callers on hold heard about the competitors special.

In time the owner was made aware of the free advertising he was providing for his competition and disconnected the radio, but only after losing several precious customers. The owner has since implemented professional MESSAGES ON HOLD and his callers are now learning much more about HIS products and services and the competition is shut out. 

Don’t take the risks; I suggest that you contact an experienced ON HOLD SERVICE provider today.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about options such as MUSIC ON HOLD or MESSAGES ON HOLD or just want to improve your customer’s HOLD TIME experience, give us a call and we’ll be happy to explain in more detail.