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Things To Think About

Script Input

A few things for you to think about that may be helpful when our writers contact you.

  1. General information: Hours, Mission Statement, Slogan, General Services.
  2. Simple description of location (One mile west of…,in the heart of…,etc.)
  3. How old is your business, and is there a colorful story of how it started?
  4. Any special products or prices to promote?
  5. Any special services, such as delivery, free estimates, written guarantee?
  6. Outstanding qualities that set you apart from your competitor, i.e., locally owned, family owned, largest in the area, able to meet any price, free shipping, etc?
  7. Has your business been honored with awards, prestigious memberships, special certifications or training that you would like to highlight?
  8. Are there any departments, contacts or names which you would like to discuss in your script?  An example: “For more details ask for our Sales Manager, John.”
  9. Any special equipment, procedures or state-of-the-art technology that makes your company more efficient or advanced?
  10. What services do you offer?   BE VERY DETAILED!  For example, knowing that an auto shop does tune-ups doesn’t help a scriptwriter much unless the writer understands what a tune-up consists of.
  11. If someone were to ask you what your company does and what it’s all about, what would you say?
  12. Information related to any social marketing efforts
  13. Notes — anything else we should know
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