Sample Script - Business Audio Plus

Sample Script

Female / Acoustic Rock


Custom – June 2017

^^Spot 1:       (BAP) “Ok, are you ready for a pop quiz?” (female) “I’m ready when you are.” (male) “Over the course of a year, how many hours of hold time does an average business accumulate?” (female) “I’d have to say… around 200 hours.” (BAP) “That was incredible, how did you get that right?” (female) “Simple.  I work with Business Audio.  Since we started using custom on-hold marketing messages from Business Audio we’ve seen an increase in sales and customer awareness.” (BAP)  Discover how to harness your hold time by speaking with Business Audio Plus, also online at Business-Audio-Plus-dot-com.

**Spot 3:        (sfx—phone rings x2)(BAP) “Thank you for calling Business Audio Plus, this is Adam, how can I help you?” (female) “I’m trying to find your facility, but I’m lost.  Can I get directions?”(BAP) “If you’re heading west down interstate 44 you’ll want to get off at Highway 1-oh-9, exit 2-64, and make a right.  Next you’ll make a left onto East Fifth Street, and then a left onto North Central Avenue.  Our building will be on your right.” (female) “Thank you for your help!  I’m getting off at exit 2-64 for now.”  

Spot 5:            Founded in 1988, Business Audio is your sound strategy to an effective audio marketing program.  We’re not a franchise or a start-up – we’ve been around since the industry’s infancy, and we’ve helped build and shape it. We’re also a charter member of the On-Hold Messaging Association, with clients all across the country, in virtually every industry you can name, including retail, construction, financial services, restaurants, and more.  Trust us to advertise you in ways that make a difference to your bottom line, and visit our website, Business-Audio-Plus-dot-com.  Assistance is just moments away.

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