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Customer or Friend, Is There a Difference?

Happy and successful team of colleagues sitting together to work out business plans

A few weeks back I ran into an old friend that I hadn’t seen for some time. We spent a few minutes catching up on what was going on in each other’s lives. He told me about his new job and it just so happens that his new employer is a current customer of my company. It was really great to see him and fun to hear about the new things going on in his life.

As I was driving back to my office I was thinking about how my friend is also now my customer.  Until then I had never really put the two together, but if you think about it “Customers are to a company, what friends are to a person”. Whether someone is a customer or a friend, we should want to be helpful and honest with them? We should want what’s best for them?  We should stay in contact with them and be excited to hear from them!

Unfortunately, In the business world, too many times companies fail to keep their customers up to date on what’s going on……things such as new products and services, or keeping them in the loop on available web based tools such as customer portals or social marketing sites. I know, staying in touch takes time and we’re all short on time right!

Well, what if I told you there’s a way you could have 100 hours or more a year to talk directly with your customers, AND you could do it without adding additional personnel and without breaking the budget.

Here’s how, it’s called MESSAGES ON HOLD.  All companies have HOLD TIME and most have more than they realize or care to admit. If you’re not utilizing an ON HOLD service give us a call today and allow us to explain how professional Marketing On Hold can benefit your company or organization.